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February 28 Meeting: Guest Speaker Dr. Gerald Wilson

We are pleased to have Dr. Wilson join where he will highlight 2023 plans for we are sharing hope, the organ procurement organization in South Carolina. Dr. Wilson is a self proclaimed “country boy”, born and raised in Hartsville, SC. He has 49 years of general surgery in SC and currently serves as the chairman of the board for we are sharing hope, the organ procurement organization in the state. Join us to learn more about Dr. Wilson and plans for sharing hope in 2023. Many pre- and post-transplant patients volunteer to help educate folks about organ donation so that more will register leading to more patients being saved. Call Valerie Johnson at 843-763-7755, or

March 28 Meeting: Guest Speaker Caroline Hitchnert

We are pleased to welcome Caroline Hitchner, Professional nutritioN and dietitian therapist.  Caroline serves as the Transplant Dietician at MUSC and provides care for heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, and liver transplant pre-and post-transplant patients. She fosters a passion for building relationships with her patients to work together toward optimizing nutrition status throughout the transplant process – before, during, and after surgery.  Join us and meet Caroline, your medical nutrition therapist!

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