Virtual Support Group Meetings


Due to COVID-19, we had to cancel in-person meetings and replace with Virtual Meetings, beginning in early 2020. The Zoom communication tool has proven to be most successful for TransplantTalk SC (TTSC) to stay in touch with patients.  Some of the benefits include: greater attendance and MYCHART participation from all over the state and beyond, securing the guest speakers is easier, with very pertinent topics, sessions can be recorded and posted on TTSC webpage and health & safety.


All meetings are scheduled for the last Tuesday of the month at 4:30.  The standard meeting link is:

And the TTSC webpage link is: 

Meetings & Schedule

Aug 29

Sept 26

Oct 31

Nov 28

Dec 28

Meeting Invitations

If you want to receive invitations to future meetings, check the box, provide contact info, and hit SEND. You will automatically get invitations about a week before the meeting. 
Unless otherwise noted, the meetings are always held the LAST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 4:30, AND THE ZOOM LINK IS ALWAYS:
Thank you!  If questions, call Gary Simmons at 704-699-3046, or e-mail him at

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us about the Program or other questions about TTSC Fill in your questions or comments, contact info and hit send. We will get back with you. If you would like a Mentor, tap the below mentor request button, fill out the form and hit send.