TransplantTalk SC thanks you for taking time out of your lives to help mentor organ transplant patients facing the realities of life before, during, and after their transplants. As most of us know, this is a journey that we just could not walk alone and feel that we can help others by adding to the patients support team. We thank each of you for volunteering your time, compassion, and story.

TransplantTalk SC Mentor/Mentee program was established to help pre-transplant organ Patients cope and speak with past organ recipients. Patients are given the chance to ask questions and talk about the emotions and feelings that they are experiencing in their time of uncertainty and unrest. It is important that the patient understands and realizes that TransplantTalk SC mentors are not mental health providers nor are they able to give any medical advice. TransplantTalk SC is an independent community based 501c3 not for profit organization and has no official, nor legal affiliation with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) or any of its employees. TransplantTalk SC chooses to work alongside some of the most caring MUSC nurses, coordinators, staff and doctors to offer the friendliest assistance that can possibly be provided to a cause that we all care so deeply about.

Note: TransplantTalk SC mentors will try at all times to maintain complete confidentiality with our mentees. Please understand that if at any time the TransplantTalk SC mentors notice, or suspect, any “Red Flags” during a conversation and/or they reasonably feel that that the mentee is possibly a danger to themselves or others, the proper steps will be taken in accordance to the law and the Mentor/Mentee relationship. If not acknowledged and corrected, the relationship will end immediately.

By signing below, the Mentor affirms that they have read and understand the disclaimer above and enter into the TransplantTalk SC Mentor/Mentee program willingly and can opt out at any time. At no time will TransplantTalk SC charge or expect compensation of any kind.