The resources the patient may require typically fall into two basic categories that include Human and Financial – The Mentor- Mentee Program would be the primary human program resource, along with a few others. The Financial resources come in many forms and would include linking the patient to a variety of support services that can help monetarily throughout the process, including after transplant.  See next section for the applicable resources.

 All South Carolina residents who are solid organ transplant candidates will qualify for assistance with both patient services offered by TransplantTalk SC. As referenced, the focus of what will be offered in the early stages are those human services, followed by an array of many financial services listed below.

Insurance and Medication

  • Medication Access Program (MAP) 1-800-736-2273 ext. 0131 or 706-721-0131
  • Emergency Medication Assistance Program – Contact Transplant Center Social Worker.
  • Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)
  • Medicare Part B and D 1-800-772-1213
  • Ronald McDonald House 843-723-7957
  • Fisher House 843-805-8200: serves veterans with a variety of patient needs.




    National Kidney Foundation Serving the Carolinas


    A Patient Information Help Line that offers support for people affected by kidney disease, organ donation, or transplantation. It’s designed just for patients, family members, and care partners. Speak with a trained specialist who will answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

    Call toll-free at 855.NKF.CARES (855.653.2273) or email

    Available in English and Spanish and available Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm Eastern Time.


    NKF PEERS is a peer mentoring program, where kidney patients are connected via phone with trained mentors who have been there themselves. Peer mentors can share their experiences with dialysis, transplant, or living kidney donation with you.

    Kidney Learning Center

    The NKF Kidney Learning Center is designed for patients to better understand and care for kidney disease. Here you will find educational activities on an array of carefully selected topics by well-known health experts on the subject.

    For more information, please contact:

    Lilian Jarvinen

    Director, Programs

    803.799.3870 x633

    Additional Local Insurance Resources

      • South Carolina Department of Insurance Office
      • Benefits Navigator Program 866-968-7842
      • Partners for Healthy Children (PHC) SC DHHS – 888-549-0820
      • Office of Health Programs – 803-898-3202; www.scdhhs.cov
      • COBRA Health Coverage
      • Medicare A, B and D 1-800-MEDICARE: Health insurance coverage for individuals over 65
        receiving Social Security retirement benefits or under 65 that are receiving disability benefits.
      • Palmetto Project – Independent non-profit: Includes Healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, hearing
        aids and private insurance. See Insure SC for more 843-577- 4122, Additional National Resources
      • American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP)
      • American Liver Foundation
      • Donate Life America Not-for-profit alliance of national organization and
        local coalitions across the US dedicated to inspiring people to donate life through organ, eye, and
        tissue donation to save, or improve the lives of patients.
      • Donate Life South Carolina The state coalition composed of
        representatives from transplant related agencies dedicated to being an advocate for organ, tissue,
        and eye donation.
      • We Are Sharing Hope –; 800- 462-0755
        Non-profit organ and tissue recovery organization serving families making a decision regarding
        organ donation.
      • National Kidney Foundation serving South Carolina (NKF); 803- 799-3870
        or 855-653-2273
      • Transplant Recipient International Organization, Inc. (TRIO)
      • Transplant Living
      • United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)

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